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Why would you buy pager?

The main question right now is, why should we use pagers when we have mobile phones? In spite of your views, there are currently still a lot of manufacturers and pager service providers. The pager industry is thriving; is there something special about pagers that make them preferable to mobile phones?

Pagers use a technology based on satellite communication called “simulcast” which facilitates the simultaneous broadcast of pagers. This gives pagers an edge over cellular technology that makes use of local towers for communication. This explains the reason why emergency services and field teams use beepers and walkie-talkies as the preferred forms of communication.

We have enumerated all the benefits of pagers so you can determine if your business can derive benefits from it.

· Always on signal: Irrespective of your location on earth, you can be reached on a pager.

· Fast: Messages sent to a pager takes 30 seconds or less to reach their destination; unlike text messages on mobile devices that can take a longer period due to network congestion. Moreover, with just one call, a large number of people can be reached on a pager.

· Immune to weather and natural disaster: Pagers have been of utmost benefit when dealing with disaster situations such as an earthquake or flood.

· Reliable – No matter where you are or what you do, you can always be reached through your pager.

· Quick – It takes a maximum of 30 seconds for a message to reach pager. This is much faster than cell phone messaging where texts can get stuck for a much longer time. Also, it is possible to reach a large group of people almost instantaneously with one call.

· Durability - In contrast to modern mobile devices, beepers are very durable and can last for a very long time.

· Cheap – Pagers are by far the cheapest mobile devices in the market.

· Discreet and easy to conceal – The small size of pagers makes it easy to carry and perfect for discreet use in stealth conditions.


Technology is a form of obsession to many people; they are of the opinion that new things with myriads of options are always the best. In spite of technological improvements, it is important to note that some of the simplest technologies are equally effective. Agreed, mobile phones are awesome, they allow seamless communication and even access to the internet these days. However, pagers have amazing potential and peculiar uses that cannot be achieved with the use of mobile phones.

Are we implying that you should get a pager in addition to your cell phone?

Definitely not!

Despite the amazing benefits, there are some drawbacks to the use of pagers. However, there are certain business niches that can derive amazing benefits with the use of pagers such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, offices, nurseries, emergencies etc.