Want to buy new brand alphanumeric pager ?

Witop pager would be one of your best option.

Who is witop?

Wiltop is a telecommunication equipment manufacturer specialized in production of wireless paging systems. We have a broad range of products that are designed for specific occasions as well as customized solutions systems for services such as hospitality industry, health-care, and on-site paging

Alphanumeric receiver

Witop developed wide range of paging system receiver for different application. Including traditional alpha pager for hospital. New alpha LED display for bank and hospital. And coaster pager which widely use in restaurant. Easy to wear watch pager.

W09N Alphanumeric pager

The pager is a brand-new product with alphanumeric characters. The Normal pager w09n has all the features and functions that want in a modern pager device; it effectively replaces the old Motorola pager

Main Feature

4-8 lines display   Frequency :137-930Mhz    Pocsag  Multi language support.

Watch pager w09w

The Alpha watch pager is a pager watch style. It is more easy to carry and see text message.

Main Feature

4-8 lines display   Frequency :137-930Mhz    Pocsag  Multi language support. Rechargeable

Alphanumeric LED display W16DS

The LED display is a signal receiver like alpha pager.

Main Feature

2-4 lines display   Frequency :137-930Mhz    Pocsag  Multi language support.  Size: 64*32cm or :128*32 cm

Coaster pager W11CT

LCD coaster pager

Main Feature

2-4 lines display   Frequency :400 Mhz    Pocsag  Multi language support.  

Alphanumeric transmitter

Want to create in-house paging system? So you would need a mini repeater. Output from 10dm ~ 5 W max

3 in 1 transmitter ( transmitter & repeater & receiver)

It can work as signal transmitter, signal repeater, and receiver.

Main Feature

3 in 1   Frequency :402-470  Mhz .  Work with PC software.  Output 0.5-5W  Software integration (POS ; Alarm system)

Transmitter with keypad

No need PC, it can send signal directly to pager.

Main Feature

Frequency :402-470  Mhz .  Keypad  Output 0.5-2W

Call button

Mini transmitter, send simple signal to pager. Can be embed to your own hardware, trigger the transmitter by level fluctuation

Main Feature

Frequency :402-470  Mhz .   Power Output: 18DB max   Range: Indoor 70~150 meter Outdoor: 200~500 meter   Software integration (POS ; Alarm system)